The Hidden Truth On Bed Sheets Exposed

The Hidden Truth On Bed Sheets Exposed

Bed sheets play a very significant role when it comes to your ability to enjoy that night sleep or even midday nap, whichever the case may be. However, they are various facts with respect to ordinary use of bed sheets and these facts might indeed surprise you. This article will address several issues regarding the hidden truth on bed sheets. For more facts on bed sheets, you can refer

Germs and Organisms

First and foremost, bed sheets might carry a lot of germs and other organisms as compared to other items in your bed room. The organisms in question come from the secretions from your body including sweat, secretions from body orifices and even dirt that might be on the surface of your skin. In light of this fact, it is important to ensure that you are able to clean your bed sheet as often as possible and this cleaning should also entail the use of disinfectants so as to kill any germs that might be present in the sheets.

Hotel Bed Sheets

Most of us have had the opportunity to sleep in hotels at one point or the other in our lives. The thing that most of us might not know is that hotel bed sheets are not necessarily the cleanest sheets out there. This is due to the fact that a significant number of hotels do not change bed sheets for each and every user. This implies that you might actually be sleeping on an unclean bed sheet that was used by another person. In addition to that, most hotels also have inadequate cleaning practices with respect to the manner in which they clean their bed sheets. Some might not use disinfectants while others might simply undertake a shoddy clean job. This implies that hotel bed sheets are some of the dirtiest bed sheets out there.

The Hidden Truth On Bed Sheets Exposed

The Frequency with which Most People Clean their Bed Sheets is Very Low

As much as it is important to clean your bed sheet quite regularly, most people do not adhere to this requirement. Indeed, a significant number of people have admitted to cleaning their sheets only a few times a year and this implies that such sheets might be carrying a lot of germs and other organisms such as bed bugs that might undermine your overall comfort while sleeping. An interesting fact to note is also the fact that most of those people who do not clean their bed sheets on a regular basis are actually young people below the ages of 25 years.

Material Used for the Bed Sheets

The material that your bed sheet is made of is an important aspect to consider with respect to the overall hygiene of your sheet. There are several materials including cotton, velvet and even synthetic materials that can be used in your bed sheet. It is important to ensure that the bed sheet is made from material that is comfortable when you sleep in. In light of this fact, many people prefer cotton bed sheet as opposed to other types of bed sheets. Cotton bed sheets are preferred due to the fact that they are comfortable, absorbent and quite affordable.

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